All KIST LEAP classes are taught by KIST staff with relevent teaching experience in teaching English and/or mathematics.
Refunds are paid for classes canceled due to changes in the school schedule. Refunds are not paid for absences due to personal reasons, sickness or class cancellations due to extreme weather (snow, typhoon, etc).
Please see our cancelation policy for the LEAP program here.
If there is space available, students may enroll mid-semester. Fees will be calculated on a monthly basis depending on the class. Please contact us on leap@kist.ed.jp for more details.
From K3 and above, students will receive LEAP homework 1-2 times a week, depending on the grade level.
If your child has been deemed as meeting or exceeding grade level expectations in their reports, or diagnostic testing. If you are not sure, please ask your child's classroom teacher.
Student's e-mail addresses are located in the KIST address book connected to your KIST parent e-mail. Login to KIST Email to access the Address Book. Once logged in click on People and type your child's surname to search for their email address.